Friday, July 3, 2009

Getting Caught Up

Well, I've been working very hard the last few days on all these projects I have going. I finished my voodoo doll pin cushion and officially named her Victoria. It was my daughter's idea to put her hair in high pony tails, which gave her a cute look. I'll make another in the near future, but there are several changes that will be made - I didn't like the shape the gingerbread cookie cutter gave her, especially around the hands and waistline. I'll have to come up with my own design for the next doll. This pretty lady is listed in my Etsy shop for sale because I was happy with the end result, despite the changes I will make the next go around.

I worked on the last 3 squares of my son's Pokemon quilt and finally got those completed - it's taken a couple of months to hand applique all 35 blocks. Now I need to start piecing the borders around the blocks, but my son wants to decide for himself where each block is placed on the quilt. I'm not sure where I can lay out all these squares in the house and keep them intact until it's all sewn together.

I also completed the first block of the Etsy banner project the Quiltsy team is working on as a group. For the second block I'm using tumbler shapes, which I've already cut - just need to sew them together. Still working on coming up with definite plans for the 3rd and, possibly, 4th blocks.

More pictures tomorrow...

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