Monday, June 29, 2009


These are a couple blocks of the Pokemon quilt I'm working on for Alex, my 9 year old. I purchased all the appliques on eBay, which saved me a lot of time. Each block is a pebbled gray fabric, the rest of the quilt will be black. I think I'll do the hand quilting in black as well. The appliques were ironed on to the fabric and then I'm going back and hand stitching the appliques to the fabric for longevity. Of the 35 blocks, I have 3 more to stitch - then I can start putting the pieces of the quilt together.

This is the raw version of a new item I'm working on for my Etsy shop. She's a Pretty Lady VooDoo Doll Pincushion. She's made of scraps that I have on hand. Her insides are even scraps - some fleece spaghetti I made using an Olfa cutter. Worked better than I expected. I need to sew up the opening in her leg, add eyes, hair and an apron. If she looks a bit like a gingerbread man, it's because I used a huge cookie cutter as the template for her body. She's about 8" tall.

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  1. The quilt will be very cute! Good luck with it.