Thursday, July 9, 2009

Finished Patchwork Purse in Lime and Melon

I finished another upholstery scrap patchwork bag. This one is in lime and melon. This is one of those projects that looks rough and ragged throughout the creation process until it's finally turned inside right and the finishing stitches are put on it. Sometimes I doubt these bags are going to turn out okay, but in the end I'm always thrilled that they not only don't have threads hanging off them everywhere, but they also look great, too.

This is the first bag I've done using a handmade button purchased on Etsy and I think it really makes it shine. The button, as mentioned in last post, was hand turned by Pam from PJTurner and was created using wood from an old barn in Virginia. I love old barns!

My to do list is dwindling down, but still quite active. I need to put the quilt sandwich together on my son's Pokemon quilt so I can start hand quilting it. I need to work on at least one or two more of the blocks for the Etsy banner project the Quiltsy Team is working on. I need to finish about 7 or 8 more of these patchwork bags. I have three more of the wood buttons and then I also have two handmade wine top buttons made by RyePie on Etsy. I'm very excited about those buttons as well.


  1. Tracy this turned out beautiful! You are so talented!